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The Persistence of Memory in Archaeologies

Archeologie blanche
original cross-work
Michel Butor-Henri Maccheroni

watercolour, Chinese ink and manuscript on paper
58 cm x 33 cm
Archeologie bronze
1984, original watercolour
on paper
58 cm x 33 cm
original Cartouche
(sub-series of Egypte-Bleu), 1987
watercolour on paper
on pre-glued strips
in Les Egypte-Bleu
d'Henri Maccheroni au musee
egyptien de Turin,
33 cm x 25 cm
collection of the artist

Pierre de temple, Au pied du mur,
original cross-work detail.

Henri Maccheronii - Michel Butor
mixed media (gesso, sand and Roussillon ochre) and manuscript on linen paper
100 cm x 70 cm
collection of the artist